Regulation and Documents

Marriage is a sacrament. Therefore we have established the following regulations to ensure that in our churches a wedding is a solemn and significant occasion.

  • Marriages are performed in the Parish Church. You must obtain special permission from the Parish priest in order to be married in any other church. You cannot be married in a private chapel.
  • Weddings must be conducted in a dignified and decorous manner. Marriage is a shared responsibility and must involve the participation of all interested parties.
  • Marriages are performed during Mass when bride and groom will receive Holy Communion. If the Priest deems Holy Communion inadvisable he will justify his decision.
  • Marriages are not performed in the Parish Church on Sunday. Nor are they performed from the 11th to the 17th of June; from the 4th to the 20th of August; during Easter Week or Christmas.

To book, fax or e-mail us at specifying the exact time and date of your wedding. Include full name, date of birth, place of birth, residence and citizenship of both bride and groom; your phone number, fax number or e-mail address.

We will get back to you as soon as possible. If the date you want is unavailable we will propose alternative dates as close to it as possible.


The documentation we require is the following.

Religious documents:

  • Baptism and confirmation certificates;
  • Prenuptial Investigation with the letter of freedom;
  • Presentation letter by the Parish Priest of your Church with the NIHIL OBSTAT (it is a non objection attestation by your Bishop or Vicar or Chancellor of your Diocese with his stamp).

Also could you kindly indicate us if this wedding is at the same time a civil wedding.

In this case you need all the civil documentation:

  • No impediment certificate (Nulla Osta) issued by the relevant authorities.
  • Full birth certificate
  • Photocopies of valid passport

All the religious documents must reach our Parish at least two months before your wedding date in order to get them stamped at our Diocese. The civil ones at least 5 days before directly in the Parish.

The address of our Church is the following:

Don Danilo
Parrocchia S. Maria Assunta
Piazza Flavio Gioia
84017 Positano (SA)

In case your Diocese want to send them at our Diocese, the address is the following:

Curia Arcivescovile di Amalfi
Ref. Cancelliere Arcivescovile
Salita Episcopio, 1
84011 – Amalfi (SA) Italia

Meeting with the Priest 

It is necessary that you contact us at least one week before the wedding to book a meeting two days prior to your marriage. The Priest will meet you to discuss the details of your wedding and to practice the ceremony.

If your own priest will be officiating the ceremony, kindly invite him to this meeting as well.

It will be advisable to discuss with your local Parish Priest the order of service and readings of your wedding before coming to meet the Priest in Positano. If you prepare the booklet of your wedding liturgy, bring one copy for the celebrant. At this meeting you have to communicate us the details of your witnesses (date and place of birth, present residence).

Wedding Ceremony

The Parish of Positano guarantees weddings in English; in other languages when possible.


Any vocal music must be chosen from ecclesiastical texts. Organ and other appropriate instrumental music are permitted. A choir and soloists are available from the Parish. Contact the Marriage Office for help in choosing music.


Bride, bridesmaids and all guests must be suitably clothed (covered shoulders).


Photographers must act according to the diocese regulations. One photographer, one assistant and one video photographer are permitted. Their equipment must not interfere in any way with the ceremony. It must be in place before the ceremony begins.


Decorations which hide the beautiful architectural features of our Church are not permitted.
You may place flower arrangements in the presbytery, on the altar and along the aisle which leads from the Church entrance to the main altar.