Mary Queen of Positano

The Legend

On 15th August 1783, the people of Positano, authorized by the Vatican Chapter, decorated with a golden crown the bizantine icon which had been venerated for centuries in the town´s parish church.

This icon probably came to us on a ship of the Marine Republic that conducted avast and a rich commerce with the Orient. Popular devotion has embroidered around this a legend according to which the sailing ship carrying the revered Image, arriving off Positano, ran into a sudden calm which stopped its journey.

All attempts by the skilled seamen proved in vain. Suddenly they heard a voice cry “Posa, posa!” meaning to put down. The Captain decided to steer towards the coast and only then was the ship able to move.

The icon was placed on the shore and the people welcomed it with enthusiasm and faith, proclaiming it their Protector. The Madonna has demonstrated through the centuries her protection, blessing and helping the Positanesi who, whishing to show their filial devotion, asked and were permitted to adorn Her with a golden crown.

Prayers and Petitions

Oh, Queen of Heaven and Earth, Crowned Protectress of Positano, how elevating and comforting for us is the thought that Thou alone art our sole source of pride and purest Glory and that God, ever since the dawning of the World, desired that we be entrusted to Thy protection, calling our City to life in the shape of an “M”! Have Pity on us! Extend, oh our most loving Sovereign, Thy patronage to us and to all those who veritably or wishfully and lovingly come to this new Zion to obtain graces and divine favors by virtue of Thy sublime intercession.

We are poor sinners, and are drifting toward passions like leaves and fragile twigs, but we have in Thee a Protectress that Grace renders omnipotent and a Heart capable of infinite mercy, and yet, richly bestow upon us Thy forgiveness and aid, revive our faith in times of misfortune and pain and have us render as many victories as there are perils, intimidations and attacks in the world from the devil and the flesh. Save us, oh our incomparable Mother, Mistress and Queen; and, in the hour of our death, uplift the last moments of our life with Thy visible presence, plead our cause at the Throne of our Eternal Judge, concealing and adorning our spiritual afflictions with Thy star strewn and Heaven-colored cloak.

Hail Holy Queen..